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How to Remove Almost Any Stain From Carpet (4 Incredible Techniques)

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how to remove carpet stainsHow to Remove Carpet Stains 
Are you wondering how to remove carpet stains?

Although everyone spills food and drinks from time to time, stains need to be cleaned quickly before they ruin your carpet forever.

So what do you do? Lucky for you, there is an answer:

wine stain carpet stain

Nobody likes living with crunchy, crispy carpets caused by disgusting carpet stains or nasty spills.

It’s important to know how to remove carpet stains when you’re dealing with a mess or spot. We want you to be proud of how your carpet looks.

How well do stain removal techniques work, though?

If you routinely practice carpet stain removal, the results you see from professional carpet cleaning services will be multiplied.

When everyday emergency spot cleaning techniques and Steamy Concepts team up, you’ll find that there’s no better carpet cleaning solution.

So let’s dive into the four steps to take when you need to remove carpet stains:

Remove Solids, Liquids, and Debris

Before applying any carpet stain remover, you need to remove all unwanted or excess substances from the carpet stain.

spilled food dirty carpet

This will prevent anyone from accidentally rubbing the stain deeper into the fibers of your carpet.

Is there a right way to do it though?

You can use a fork to easily pick up solids without any trouble at all!

Other good techniques are to:

  • Vacuum Any Dry Material
  • Gently Scrape Off Anything Sticking to the Carpet
  • Soak Up Excess Liquid With a Paper Towel or Rag

Never scrub the stain, though! It’s a good idea to blot the stain to help lift these left-over materials or simply lay a towel on the liquid to absorb it.

Use Cleaning Solution

Now’s the time to apply a carpet cleaning solution to the stained area.

Some important things to remember about the solution you choose:

  • Never use cleaning solutions that are acidic, corrosive, or contain chlorine bleach
  • Never use cleaners that contain colored dyes

Apply the solution in a way that it’s soaked into the stain, but doesn’t saturate the carpet fibers.

Let the solution sit and soak for a few minutes so it can start to work its magic.

If you are looking for the best carpet stain remover, our recommendation is our Steamy Concepts carpet stain remover.

It is 100% green and Eco-friendly. That means its Mom approved and pet and kid-safe!

Ask your DIY carpet cleaning technician for the best stain remover during your next professional carpet cleaning.

Blot Stains Away

removing a stain

The next step to remove carpet stains requires a clean, white towel or rag.

You can apply the rag to the stain and at this point, it should start to blot away.

What if it isn’t working though?

You may need to continue by repeating the solution-soaking and stain-blotting steps a few times.

Some stains will always be harder than others!

Once you’re satisfied with the stain removal you should soak a washcloth with distilled water and blot over the freshly cleaned area.

This ensures that any solution you used can be removed from the carpet completely.

Steam Cleaning Service

Of course, you want to banish the stains for good to bring back your light, fluffy carpet.

Is it time for a deep cleaning service to restore all the carpet throughout your home?

Contact us today to get rid of all the dirt to renew your floors and refresh your home entirely.

What can truck-mounted steam cleaning do for your floors?

We are certified to remove:

  • Pet Stains and Odors
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Remove Carpet Stains
  • Dirt and Other Substances
  • And Much More

Carpet Cleaning Professionals are standing by to answer any questions you have. Don’t wait!

Contact us now and ask about our carpet cleaning specials.

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