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Carpet Cleaning Methods & Different Types of Carpet Cleaners

We don’t give much though to the carpets we walk on day in and day out until they become soiled, discolored or stained.

In fact, most people hardly pay attention to their carpets at all outside of their weekly vacuuming schedules until it’s time to vacate their house or apartment.

However – all Carpet Cleaning is not created the same. Below we have listed to top types of carpet cleaning processes used today.

#1 – How Water Extraction Cleaning

Commonly referred to as steam carpet cleaning (Steamy Concepts), hot water extraction methods are the most effective ways to clean your carpet.

This is mostly due to the application of pre-conditioning solutions and the agitation of carpet fibers before extraction takes place.

After the solution has been allowed to permeate the carpet fibers it displaces soil, dirt, grease and grime from the carpet pile.

This allows a state-of-the-art hot water extraction equipment, also known as a vacuum washing to throughly heat the area while spraying water that is void of detergents and simultaneously uses a suctioning system.

In most instances, unwanted soiling is removed at a temperature of almost 200F degrees and between 300-450PSI. Because of the high temperatures used in this method, steam carpet cleaning can kill up to 99% of bacteria and viruses when properly preformed

An added benefit to hot water extraction carpet cleaning methods is reduced dry time. Unlike other types of carpet cleaning, carpet that has been extracted tires up to 40% faster.

#2 Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning, while popular does not produce long term results or penetrate carpet fibers and pile very deeply.

With bonnet cleaning processes a bonnet is attached to a rotary device with a spinning pad that absorbs dirt from the carpets surfaces.

Bonneting is mainly popular in commercial applications as it is a quick solution that doesn’t depend on large amounts of moisture. In turn this leads to faster drying time which allow businesses to resume foot traffic as quickly as possible.

Because bonneting processes do not use pre-treatment or extract from the base of the carpets fibers it is not uncommon for dirt to emerge back to the surface of the carpet, especially in high traffic areas.

#3 Carpet Shampooing or Encapsulation

Popular among do-it-yourself carpet cleaning machines and enthusiasts, carpet shampooers rely on synthetic detergents and  wet shampoos to clean your carpet.

Because these devices do not use industrial strength extraction methods and mix water and detergents in the same chamber, it is not uncommon for left over residue to accumulate in your carpet.

Similarly to bonnet cleaning, because this method can not pull soil from the carpet fibers base, stains and grime usually return quicker than they would with hot water extraction methods.

Conclusion About Different Carpet Cleaning Types

While there are many ways to clean your carpet, the most through and cost effective way to prevent further carpet damage is hot water extraction methods.

At Steamy Concepts all of our technicians are trained on our van/truck mounted equipment to provide quality carpet cleaning extraction services. We employ the methods mentioned above to keep your carpets looking and feeling fresher and cleaner while keeping your family and pets safe.

If you’re in need of a carpet cleaning service, call us today!

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