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Maricopa Upholstery Cleaning

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Could your furniture be making you sick?

Living in Southern Arizona can make many people susceptible to allergies. The spring and summer can lead to wheezing, itching, sneezing, and watery eyes, but these symptoms can stick around longer than you think. Deep down in the fibers of your furniture there is dust, dander, and mold that can hide away and affect the air quality in your home. It’s important to remove these contaminants from your home with a professional Maricopa upholstery cleaning service in order to create a safer environment for you and your family.

The Desert makes it hard to keep out dust and allergens

The southwest is filled with not only high amounts of dry air and dirt, but also lush green plants that many people can be allergic to. As we go throughout our day, we unknowingly pick up many contaminants that stick to our clothes, skin, and hair. We may not even notice that these particles have made it into our homes until we start to feel the subtle effects.

Heavy trafficked areas may get the worst of it, but many times we never even seem to notice just how much our furniture gets used. Transferring the dust and allergens we pick up throughout our day to the fibers inside your sofa, love seat, chairs or sectional becomes as easy as taking a seat. We can definitely start to see the effects this can have on the upholstery and home over time if it is left untreated.

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) states that hot water extraction is the toughest Maricopa upholstery cleaning process at hand. Our trained professionally traubed technicians use an eco-safe method to keep your family safe and clean to your furniture to the core.

Call the Maricopa upholstery cleaners today! Schedule an appointment for a furniture cleaning Maricopa service right away! Our professional technicians use the industry standard tools will restore your furniture to a fresh slate and make it better for everyone!

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Hidden irritants can cause allergies

The particles and contaminants hiding deep within your furniture can’t be left unchecked in an environment like Maricopa AZ. Here in the desert, we need to take special steps to ensure that every fragment of dust, dander and mold is completely removed from ever fiber within the upholstery.

With professional Maricopa upholstery cleaning service form our technicians, your furniture will be free of any contaminants and particles. Our steam cleaning process for upholstery penetrates deep to flush out and kill over 99% of all bacteria and mold taking up residence in your home. Imagine steam penetrating deep into your furniture, breaking up dirt and grime trapped deep within the fibers so it can easily be whisked away. Our safe and specialized upholstery cleaning Maricopa process does just that to refresh your furniture by removing any and all irritants.

You Can Use Our Maricopa Upholstery Cleaning Service On

  • Loveseats
  • Ottomans
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Dining Room Chairs
  • Sectionals
  • Other Types of furniture

It Will Make A Difference!

Whether you have pets and kids or you just want to protect your furniture investment, removing the dirt, dust and allergens by steam cleaning upholstery is the most effective and safest technique. Our certified technicians will use specialty tools in order to restore your furniture to that noticeably fresh and pristine clean that your friends and family will appreciate.

Steamy Concepts has been around for 20+ years! You can trust that we have the technicians that can take care of your furniture cleaning needs for you! We are ready to restore your furniture to a clean state right away!

You and your family will delight in your revived furniture and the naturally cleaner air in your home. Contact Steamy Concepts today to set an appointment by calling us now.

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