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Summer Deep Cleaning: Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Is a Must

Summer is the time when you want nothing more but to submerge yourself in cold water or stay under the AC. However, there are plenty of chores to be done, including finally paying attention to your carpets. 

Since these pieces are made from tough and thick material, summer is the best time of the year to clean them and let them dry. But you can’t always provide the best summer carpet care. Some stains are just too stubborn, or your carpet simply needs a firmer hand. 

This is where professional carpet cleaning services can help. If you’re looking for the answer to why you would need an expert to deep clean your carpet, then read on as we show you everything about summer and carpets. From how the sun impacts this type of flooring to the benefits of pro deep cleaning, here is what you need to know!

The Impact of Summer on Carpets

Summer is the season of fun activities like going to the pool, hiking, BBQs, and having guests over. And that translates to our home’s floors and carpets getting dirty very easily. Add to this the increasing temperatures, which allow dust and dirt to dry in your carpets, and you have a real problem on your hands. 

Let’s see the main problems that the scorching summer sun can have on your carpets.


No matter if your indoor air quality is great, your carpets can be the perfect environment for particles like dust, pollen, and allergens, which can harm your health. These particles are the most present in spring and summer when the weather is hot, and there’s more traffic around your house—indoors and out. All carpets are made from fibers of different sizes, making them the perfect objects these particles stick to.

Sun Damage

UV rays can damage your rug by causing discoloration, color bleeding, and other different troubles with your carpets throughout the years. UV rays might also break down your carpet’s fibers, leaving it prone to further damage. 

Another way the sun can damage your rug is to make it warp. Sunlight can cause the strands of your rug to stretch and decrease, resulting in warping, especially on the sides. 

All of this is even direr for carpets that are in direct sunlight. These can be that much harder to clean. The sun’s rays can cause dirt and particles to end up embedded in the fibers. Plus, rugs that are exposed to the sun shed faster than those that are not. The solar rays can cause the fibers in your rugs to wear down, leading to their detachment. 

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning gives numerous advantages that move beyond simply giving back that fresh, new look to your carpets. Homeowners who use expert carpet cleaning are sure to experience healthier and hygienic surroundings. 

Aside from this, there are plenty of other advantages of professional carpet cleaning. Let’s delve more into them.

Prolongs the Life of the Carpet

Carpets are an investment, and proper protection is vital to guard them. Over time, dirt, particles, and dust can accumulate deep inside the fibers, inflicting them to wear down. Regular vacuuming can eliminate floor-level dirt, but it is not enough to reach the embedded particles.

Professional carpet cleaning employs superior strategies like warm water extraction (steam cleaning) to penetrate deep into the fibers, loosening and extracting the trapped particles. By eliminating this debris, the fibers continue to be intact, and the carpet’s lifespan is extended substantially. As a result, house owners can keep their carpets for many years without the need for replacements.

Eliminates Dirt, Dust, and Allergens

Carpets act as a filter, trapping dust, dirt, puppy dander, allergens, and pollution that flow into the indoor air. Over time, this debris builds up and grows inside the carpet. Regular foot traffic can agitate those allergens, making them airborne and affecting indoor air. This can be, in particular, tricky for individuals with hypersensitive reactions, allergies, or different respiration conditions.

Professional carpet cleaning uses specialized systems and cleaning agents to cast off this trapped pollution, leaving the carpets clean and allergen-free. As a result, the air inside the home is improved, creating a more fit and more comfortable residing space for all occupants.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Quality indoor air is critical for the general health and well-being of everyone in the home. Poor air can cause numerous health problems, along with respiration problems, allergic reactions, and even worsening existing conditions like asthma. 

Expert carpet cleaners keep healthy indoor surroundings by correctly removing allergens, dirt, and pollutants from the carpets. The method they use ensures that the air stays cleaner and safer for absolutely everyone, especially when it comes to summer carpet care—when open windows and doorways may additionally invite greater pollution in the home.

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet cleaning done by pros is a complete and meticulous technique that includes numerous vital steps to ensure exceptional results. Here’s a view of every step in the expert carpet cleansing method.

Pre-inspection and Evaluation

The first step in the professional carpet cleaning process is a pre-inspection and evaluation of the carpets. A trained technician will investigate the carpets to discover any particular hassle areas, stains, or very damaged parts. This inspection allows the experts to determine the correct cleansing approach and tailor the solution to deal with the unique issues of every carpet.

Pre-treatment of Stains and High-traffic Areas 

Once the pre-inspection is complete, the technician will apply pre-treatment to stains and heavily soiled regions. This pre-solution is designed to break down and loosen stubborn stains, making them easier to dispose of in the course of the cleansing system. Additionally, the pre-treatment dissolves oils and other residues, ensuring an extra effective deep cleaning.

Steam Cleaning

One of the most famous and powerful methods used in expert carpet cleaning is hot water extraction, generally referred to as steam cleaning. This step injects warm water blended with a specialized cleansing solution into the carpet fibers at excessive pressure. This system loosens and lifts dust, particles, and allergens from deep in the carpet.

Simultaneously, an effective vacuum machine extracts the grimy water, leaving the carpets refreshed and clean. Hot water extraction is gentle on the fibers and doesn’t leave any dangerous chemical residues, making it safe for everyone in the home.

Post-cleaning Grooming and Drying

After the hot water extraction process, the technician will groom the carpets using expert-grade equipment. Carpet grooming facilitates restoring the fibers’ natural appearance, ensuring a fresh and polished look. 

Additionally, grooming aids inside the even distribution of carpet protection agents. Proper drying is critical not to let mold and mildew grow, especially during summertime when humidity levels are higher. Technicians may additionally use air movers to speed up the drying, making sure that the carpets are prepared for use.

Maintaining Clean Carpets During Summer

Keeping carpets nicely maintained during summer is important to keep their look and expand their lifespan. Here are a few pointers on how you can keep your carpets clean in the course of the hotter months.

Regular Vacuuming

Frequent vacuuming is critical to clean small particles from the surface of the carpets. In high-traffic areas, vacuuming has to be done at a minimum of a couple of times every week. 

Additionally, cleaning spots and spillages need to be done ASAP when an accident happens. The more the stain stays uncleaned, the deeper it will get into your carpet. Cleaning the affected location with a clean cloth and using a mild cleansing solution can prevent stains from becoming permanent.

Using Doormats

Placing doormats at entryways can help you keep any dirt and debris out of your home. Encouraging family members and visitors to get rid of their footwear before getting into the house can drastically lessen the amount of dust and outdoor pollutants that can get in the carpets.

Making a Professional Cleaning Schedule and Maintenance Plan

Establishing an ordinary expert carpet cleansing schedule is vital for maintaining clean carpets. Summertime is an ideal time for deep cleaning since that’s the best time to eliminate amassed dirt and allergens from the accelerated foot traffic. 

Homeowners can create a plan that consists of seasonal deep cleaning, vacuuming, and periodic spot cleaning to ensure their carpets are fresh and hygienic.

Final Thoughts: Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning

As summer brings its particularly demanding situations, taking action for cleaner and more healthy carpets can improve the general well-being of your home and your family. So, don’t wait—invest in professional carpet cleaning services like Steamy Concepts!

Experience refreshed and inviting spaces free from dirt and allergens, and make sure your carpets remain in brilliant condition for years to come with the help of our team.


You only need to call us today or contact us through the form on our site. Let’s get your carpets spotless!


How often should I get my carpet cleaned by professionals?

It’s recommended that you give your carpet to pro cleaners at least once a year. This will ensure that the fabric is rid of any dirt or other particles woven deep in the threads, hence giving you a healthier and much better-looking carpet.

Why are carpets cleaned during summer?

Professionals usually prefer to clean home carpets during the summer months as this will ensure quicker delivery. However, that is not to say that you can’t get your carpet deep cleaned by experts in autumn or winter.


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