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Finding the right carpet for a household with pets

Pets & Carpets: Finding the Right Carpet for a Household with Pets

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Pets bring happiness to any household, but these furry bundles of joy require a bit of maintenance. Whether it’s the normal wear and tear or potential accidents, the carpet is the most common target. 

That’s why it’s extremely important to choose a carpet that will not only add to your overall aesthetic but also be able to sustain your pet’s daily antics. Keep reading as we’ll go over what a pet-friendly carpet is and how to choose the right one! 

Pet-Friendly Carpet: What Is It?

Pet-friendly carpets are easier to clean, are more durable, and are generally safer for your pets overall health. They are commonly constructed from synthetic materials that are water, stain, and odor resistant. As a bonus, manufacturers have built-in protection against dirt, dust, and pet dander, and they are made hypoallergenic.

The usual pet-friendly carpet consists of wool, nylon, triexta, polyester, and olefin. You must find a natural fiber constriction to maintain your pet’s health. Some carpets have more VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which can cause skin reactions, neurological issues, nose or eye irritations or infections, etc. Therefore always search for products that have certified low-VOC fibers.

Another different feature that these carpets have is that they are quite durable. Small furballs don’t always stay small, so their nails grow, and they tend to stretch them out on the flooring. Additionally, these carpets are usually low-pile or looped to prevent snags on the fibers.

Why Do You Need a Pet Resistant Carpet?

Imagine going on a walk with your dog in the park, and then, out of the blue, it starts to rain. You get home drenched and befor elong you notice muddy tracks all around your carpet. Or maybe, your pet starts repotting your plants all over the floor while you’re at work. 

Regardless of what the case is, you will need to start cleaning the mess thoroughly in any of unfortunate scenarios. That is why you definitely need to find a pet-resistant carpet that will make maintenance effortless and make your life much easier.

Here are some benefits of getting a pet-resistant carpet:

  • The carpets are designed to be more robust and endure the wear and tear of your pet’s claws.
  • Easier to clean, just with vacuuming, you can take out all pet’s hairs and dirt.
  • Almost effortless upkeep.
  • Due to their design, they are pet stain-free, or just easy to take out the stain before it becomes a permanent mark.
  • Unlikely to harbor pet dander, which is a dream for owners who have allergies but still can’t imagine their life without their companions.
  • The carpets are quite easy on the budget, so it’s a cost-effective choice
  • You can find various sizes and colors that you can combine with your home decor and still contribute to a lux feel.

How to Choose the Best Pet Friendly Carpet?

Nowadays, almost every household has a pet, so finding the best pet-friendly carpet is a must for every owner. To assist you in your carpet hunt, we will give you a few tips to follow.

However, you can also help yourself, like regularly hoovering the carpet outside. That will prevent fur and hairs from getting stuck in the fibers. Also, keep your pet claws shorn and dull to avoid scratches and buy more toys that will be more interesting than your carpet. 

On that note, you can cover some areas with further mats that can help you if a sudden issue arises. And lastly, be quick if you notice dirt or a toilet issue. The fast you react, the less damage will occur.

To get an excellent animal-friendly carpet, you need to pay attention to several things:

  • Choose a carpet with a low pile height. Low-pile height carpets are simpler to maintain clean and are less likely to gather pet hair, fluids and smells.
  • Always search for carpets with a stain-resistant treatment. This will help protect your carpet from pet accidents.
  • Find carpets with higher-grade nylon or polyester fibers. These fibers are long-lasting and can be more resistant to the wear and tear of pets.
  • Explore carpets with a tight weave. The same can assist with decreasing the amount of pet hair trapped in the carpet.
  • Never get carpets with a glossy finish. Those will make it easier for pet nails to snag, pull, and tear the carpet fibers.

Maintaining Pet Friendly Carpets

Pet-friendly carpets require a little extra attention to maintain. We will provide tips to help keep your carpets looking and smelling nice while giving your cute companions a comfortable home:

  • Vacuum your carpet at least once to maintain its appearance. It will help remove deep-seated dirt, pet hair, and other unnecessary filthy specs.
  • React fast. Spot up any spills or messes, and clean up pet accidents promptly.
  • Utilize an enzyme cleaner to break down and remove pet odors. A pet carpet cleaner is generally a spray that you can use when you spot muddy tracks. Similarly, having a pet-resistant carpeting will help you in your cleaning efforts and you will not be obligated to use hard chemicals.
  • Treat any stubborn stains with a pet-safe carpet cleaner at the moment. But to be quite sure that the stains are removed and to provide a healthy environment, call the professionals for pet odor and stain removal. The carpeting experts will save you some time and even money.
  • Try using a deodorant that will be safe for you and your fluffy friends to decrease lingering smells.
  • You can also use a carpet protector to prevent permanent marks on your carpet. There are many products and brand firms, so you can choose the best ones by reading reviews.
  • Last but not least, call in or arrange online a carpet cleaning firm that will clean your carpet from top to bottom, and you can be worry-free and have clean and fresh flooring.

The professionals at Steamy Concepts are here to help with all your cleaning worries! 

Pet Friendly Carpeting: The Bottom Line

Generally, people who have pets in their homes select flooring option like laminate or vinyl. Those options are proven to be quite manageable and straightforward to clean, and when located in back halls and utility rooms are even perfect. 

Some people even choose to be carpet-free in their whole space. Although, having pets doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxurious carpet in your living room or a large dining room with a fireplace mantel. Don’t let fear stop you from arranging your household the way you see fit just because your little friend may have a minor accident or bring in dirt in the rooms. 

With so many pet-safe products, you can keep your house clean and stay healthy. Since there is a large selection of quality pet-friendly carpets, you can choose the color, size, shape, and pattern to match your preference. However, consider multicolor patterns and tone the carpet with your pet’s fur. That is how the hairs and fur that fall off will not be visible on the cover.

Lastly, you can call carpet cleaning experts and have a rigorous cleanse of all the residual filth, stains, and scents. That is how you can rest easy and know that your home will be spotless and you will have more energy to spend time with your cutie furry familiars.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Finding the Right Carpet for a Household with Pets

What type of carpet is best if you have dogs?

When choosing pet-friendly carpets, you need to consider several things like providing support, security, and resilience. So, your best solution is polypropylene carpet since it is long-lasting, comfortable, stain-free, and looks fantastic. Consider a darker color to hide dirt and muddy marks. Also, opt for carpets that are easy to clean, and that can withstand some scratching. Additionally, aim for a carpet that is made with a cut pile style. This will add more softness and create a cozy feeling.

What color carpet is best for pets?

If you have pets running around, darker colors or something with patterns may work besy. On that note, you can even select a multicolor option for your carpet. You can also choose a color that matches the pet’s fur. So if your pet has brighter color fur, then take a similar matching carpet in a beige and cream hue. Contrary, if your pet has dark fur, go for a darker variant, like a more subdued brown or grey shade.

Do dogs like carpet or hardwood?

Dogs prefer hardwood since it is warm and natural looking. They also like carpets for their softness and coziness. But they both have their ups and downs. Hardwood flooring is easier to clean but is not scratch-resistant and may be damaged. On the other hand, carpets need constant cleaning and chemicals to remove smells. So pet-friendly carpeting is your best bet.

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