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How to Get Dirt Stains Out of Carpet

How to Get Dirt Stains Out of Carpet

If you have a carpet that has dirt stains in it there are several solutions that you can do to clean those stains. However, be wary of solutions that can leave your carpet damaged. Here we will discuss different ways that you can clean your carpet by minimizing the risk of damaging it or making the stain worse.

Thorough Vacuum Job

To start, vacuum the carpet thoroughly going over the dirty section numerous times to remove as much of the dirt, dust, and build-up as possible. And, don’t forget to go over the edges and corners with a vacuum extension to get those tough-to-reach places.

Have a Powerful, Efficient Vacuum

It’s also important to ensure your vacuum is operating at full capacity. Keep a critical eye out for whether the dirt is visibly being removed completely. It is often necessary to change the vacuum filter, frequently empty the bags, and periodically check and remove blockages of material or objects particularly on the bottom of the machine. In addition, you may simply need to upgrade a vacuum cleaner if yours is no longer performing adequately. 

Spot Clean Right

Now it’s time to clean up spots stains. One option is to use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water to soak up and clean stains such as those left by pets or food. For grease and oil stains you want to take a different approach. Start by scraping away any hardened grease with a dull plastic object or utensil and then finish by blotting up the grease with a paper or cloth towel. Then, you can use baby powder or cornstarch over the stained area to soak up any remaining substance. Leave on the spot for about four hours then vacuum it up. Finally, you can clean whatever stain remains with a vinegar and hot water solution.

Rented Steam Cleaner Machines

Unfortunately, rented steam cleaners are not powerful enough to fully suction all of the moisture out of carpeting when cleaning. As a result, your carpet can actually be left dirtier and can even be damaged when the moisture is not fully removed. This is because moisture left behind can leave the cleaning solution there too along with residual dirt mixed into the wetness.

Dirty or Damaged Carpet

Indeed, this shortcoming can lead to real problems because, while the carpet may look clean immediately after the steaming job, the cleaner left behind can damage the carpet leaving it discolored or even ‘bleached out’ looking. Plus, the dirty water itself will leave the base of the carpet dirty. This unclean mixture can even soak right back up to the top of the carpet fibers over the next few days through an action referred to as ‘wicking.’

DIY Steam Cleaning 

Nonetheless, if you still choose to do the steam cleaning on your own, the following recommendations can help you to avoid damaging the carpet and avoid ineffective cleaning. Again, non-truck mounted professional-grade steam cleaners, however, are simply not as effective as professional equipment. So be warned!

Follow the Instructions

First, if you don’t own a steam cleaner you can rent one from a home improvement store. The most important thing is to do your best to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and try to make sure to remove as much moisture as possible. To do this you can open up many different windows and doors throughout your house on a nice warm day, for example. You can set up and turn on fans in recently steamed areas.

Stay Dry My Friends

You want to do all that you can to dry the carpet out while steaming because this is an inherent flaw in non-truck mounted steam cleaning systems. They are simply not adequately powerful so you are likely to run into issues of leaving cleaning solution behind and dirty water. Nonetheless, do the best you can and the process should leave you with cleaner carpet than before. Though again, professional deep-clean is the safest and most effective option.

Remove Odors

Now, the final DIY solution can be implemented to cut down or eliminate odors from your carpet. You can do this by sprinkling light amounts of baking soda over dry carpet overnight. Then, the next day you can vacuum up all of the baking soda. This method works because the baking soda can absorb the bacteria responsible for the odors.

Invest in Quality and Enjoy Convenience

On the other hand, you can simply pay a carpet cleaning company to do the service for you. Having your carpet professionally cleaned has several advantages. Namely, it’s much more convenient and significantly more effective than the rented steamer route.

Admittedly, it is somewhat more expensive than most rented steam machines. But it is well worth it as an investment to keep your carpet clean and healthy for the long haul. In addition, a really worn out, old, or damaged carpet can be assessed and clean thoroughly and repaired by a carpet cleaning company. This is one great option to avoid the significant cost of total carpet replacement.

Professional Assistance Done Right

Thanks for browsing our useful strategies to clean your carpet cheaply. If you weigh out the costs and benefits and decide you’d rather invest in a professional deep-clean or carpet repair service, then we encourage you to go with the best quality cleaners in the business. 

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Sterling Reputation and Unmatched Carpet Cleaning Results

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