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Carpet Cleaning Costs

Carpet Cleaning Costs | Steamy Concepts

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If you’re looking for a professional carpet clean in Tucson or Phoenix, your first concern is likely to be about cost. What does it cost to clean your carpet in Arizona? On average, it costs about $50 per room or about $0.25 per square foot. So for an average-sized, three-bedroom home, the cost may be about $175, ranging up for homes with more rooms and more space

For better or worse, the price range for carpet cleaning services varies quite a bit. The main factors that affect pricing are the square footage, the carpet type, and the type of carpet cleaning package desired. However, most professional carpet cleaning companies offer ways to get an up-front estimate for your unique carpet cleaning needs.

Cost and Estimate Ranges in Tucson and Phoenix

With a large cost range going from a low of about $60 to $600 or more, it doesn’t hurt to call for an estimate. In fact, many carpet cleaning companies also offer online forms to get an estimate for costs. One of the highest-rated professional carpet cleaners, with locations in Tucson and Phoenix, does just that.

Trusted Carpet Cleaning Services

Call Steamy Concepts in Tucson at (520) 282-4444 or Phoenix at (602) 748-4448 to get a free quote for your carpet cleaning needs.

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