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4 Simple Home Care Tips!

Carpet Cleaning in Phoenix, Tucson with Appeal to your Home

We all have a desire to make our homes more appealing to ourselves. Sometimes we might get caught up in how comfortable we are that we forget how visitors might feel in our space. Everyone appreciates when a home is well cared for. There are many ways you can make your home more appealing to visitors and make them look forward to coming over every single time.

Eliminating Heavy Odors!

One of the most common traits that people remember a place or a person by is the smell.  A place or person that smells really bad will most likely be remembered by not being hygienic. No one wants to be around anything with a peculiarly awful smell, no matter what it is. You don’t want to have your home associate with foul and memorable odors, so what do you do?

The simple things you can start with in your home are eliminating your obvious sources. Your trash can generate awful odors and unwelcome pests in your home. Take out your trash as soon as it gets full, avoid piling more and more trash for as long as possible. Other things to consider would be to wipe down any sticky or smelly surfaces with a soapy wet rag.  You can also try vacuuming in any areas you can reach and use a carpet or furniture powder to help mask any odor.

Another easy step you can take is buying aerosol spray from the store. You can spray in areas that may be the source of the smell and it may keep it away, at least for a while. If you want to solve your smell a little more naturally, you can buy incense and leave them in safe spots. The incense material will release a smell that will most likely beat any foul odor in your home as it burns. If you go the incense route, make sure you keep it in a spot where it cannot fall or catch anything on fire. A burned down home doesn’t appeal to anyone!

Eliminate Pet Odors

Sometimes our pets treat the whole house as the bathroom, we can relate. They may find a spot to let loose right on your carpets or even your furniture. You can use sprays and the like to try and cover the smell, but it will still linger around. You’re probably wondering how to get rid of pet odors the right way.

Remove Pet Odors and Stains Professionally:

To get rid of pet odors, you will probably need a professional pet stain & odor removal specialist such as Steamy Concepts. Steamy Concepts provides pet stain & odor removals to any home that has it. Steamy Concepts uses a solution specialized in eliminating pet stains & odors. Our solutions really dig deep into your carpet or furniture fibers and kill any lingering germs for good.

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Keep a Clean Kitchen & Bathroom:

If you are having guests over, you are mostly likely to be eating. Whether you are cooking or bringing in food, keeping your kitchen clean should be a priority. Kitchens are usually where our food starts off and is created. A dirty kitchen usually brings in germs & bacteria which will linger until they are exterminated. The last place you want germs is your food, where you could possibly get sick. Keeping a clean kitchen is crucial to your home health and personal health. It will also leave a good impression to your family and friends!

Another frequent place in your home that your visitors will visit is your bathroom. Make sure your bathrooms have plenty of supplies such as towels and toilet paper to help your guests stay sanitary. Make sure any personal items such as toothbrushes are out of site and the trash is gone. Keep the counters wiped down and clean.

Bathrooms usually have tile flooring (hopefully). You will make sure your tile & grout are cleaned thoroughly for you and your quests. Depending on your type of tile and the space it occupies, it may take you a great amount of time and effort. You will most likely be on your hands and knees trying to clean your tile & grout for hours and you might not even get the results you want. To save time and money, it is probably better to hire a professional tile & grout cleaner to clean your tile floors.

Steamy Concepts employs professional tile cleaning specialist to handle any tile cleaning need. Whether it’s your bathroom or whole house, Steamy Concepts can take care of your tile & grout cleaner for you! Our tile & grout process includes powerful truck mounted steam cleaning and water pressure to rip through dirt & grime. Steamy Concepts has the tools to get the job done quicker and more effectively than any other unprofessional method.

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Keep Up With Your Furniture!

If you have dingy old furniture or no furniture at all, it may be time to buy some new furniture! If it is on your budget, we recommend replacing any damaged furniture with rips and tears.  Buying new furniture can potentially bring new life to your home.

Unfortunately, buying new furniture isn’t always on the budget or even on the list for many home owners. It is obviously more budget friendly to clean & maintain the furniture that you have. A good few things you can do are wipe down any furniture surfaces and vacuum between any crevices.

Sometimes that isn’t enough to try do it on your own. Some furniture surfaces are more fragile to clean than others. There are also odors that are too overbearing to remove from your furniture, thank Fido for that one! Hiring a professional upholstery cleaning service may be your best bet.

In addition to carpet & tile & grout cleaning, Steamy Concepts also  has trained upholstery specialists to handle any of your furniture surfaces. We can use the appropriate methods to clean your furniture while keeping it fresh and safe. You might even mistake it for a new piece of furniture when we are done.

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Give Your Home The Gift of Professional Care!

You can call Steamy Concepts to help keep you home more clean & appealing. Your carpet, tile & furniture disasters will be a thing of the past when they are professionally cleaned. Call us now and schedule online!

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