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Carpet maintenance clean carpet in Tucson

The 4 Laws of Carpet Protection (that Everyone Should Know)

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How to Protect Your Carpet

Carpet maintenance clean carpet in Tucson
If you’re like most people you’re probably wondering how to keep your carpet looking new as long as possible. Carpet can add a feeling of comfort and warmth to a home, but if it’s damaged and dingy it will quickly detract from the design of the room. Over time, it seems like carpet inevitably picks up spills and messes, but there are things you can do to protect your carpet. There are all kinds of ways you can prevent carpet damage, so invest some time and follow these tips to make sure your carpets stay clean and in good condition.

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Use Rugs in High Traffic Areas

The biggest damage done to carpet is usually from dirt and soil being ground into high-traffic areas. Dirt is extremely abrasive and can cause your carpet to wear prematurely. If you use rugs or runners in these high traffic areas you can cut down on a lot of this damage. High traffic areas are areas like hallways, entrances to outdoors, around furniture, and up and downstairs. Protecting these areas will go a long way toward extending the life of your carpet.

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Vacuum Carpet Regularly

Everyone knows that carpet can start to show signs of being dirty very quickly. Carpet holds onto things like dust and allergens that need to be cleaned before they start to build up. Even when you take proactive measures these particles still tend to find a home in your carpet. If you stay on top of vacuuming, your carpets will look fresher longer. Vacuums won’t suck out everything, but it is a good idea to use it as preventative maintenance.

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Keep Food in the Kitchen

The less you bring food and drinks around carpeted areas in your home, the less chance you have for damaging spills. Spilled food and drinks can work their way into the carpet fibers and make a nice incentive for things like dust mites to use your carpets as an all you can eat buffet. Cutting down on the amount of harmful exposure your carpet has can extend the life of your carpet exponentially.

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Sticky Situations on Carpet

There are few messes worse to deal with than gum, sticky candy, or sugary drinks on the carpet. Gum is difficult enough just to remove from concrete or the bottom of your shoe, so removing it from carpet is understandably hard. Some people instinctively reach for the scissors in a situation like this, but we are here to tell you there’s a much better way. If you want some fool proof cleaning techniques that will remove all those nasty sticky messes, we’ve got some good cleaning tricks for you. It might seem like a nightmare, the sticky substance ground into the carpet fibers. You might even think it’s so bad that the only choice you have is to cover the area up. That won’t be necessary though. You can usually remove these sticky stains with just a few items and a little bit of time.

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Removing Sticky Messes

The same rules apply to sticky stains as all the other types, the sooner you act the better. Even when it appears gum and other sticky substances have been removed completely from your Stain Removal Process in Homecarpet, you might notice that it returns afterward if it is given the chance to get into the carpet fibers. If you catch the problem early you have a much better chance of lifting it from the carpet completely. While it may be tempting to pull on chewing gum immediately, this could potentially damage carpet fibers. There are a few common rules to follow in times like this to ensure you don’t accidentally damage your carpet in the process.  Here are a few ways to remove sticky messes from your carpet.

You can remove gum by using either a hot method or a cold method. The hot method involves using a hairdryer to heat the gum until it can be blotted up with a towel or sponge. Be prepared to repeat the process multiple times until the gum is removed completely. The cold method includes icing the gum until it hardens and scraping it slowly to lift it from the carpet. Both of these processes may leave behind gum residue, though. If you notice residue is left behind, the best option is to remove it by lightly rubbing with a spray degreaser and warm water.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Although vacuuming and spot treating is great daily practices, there is more you should do to protect it. You won’t believe the difference that truly clean carpet can make throughout your home. From the feedback that we receive from our customers, we know once you experience a professional steam carpet cleaning service you’ll think your carpets are brand new. Your carpet is a very important part of your home. Protect it today by removing all the dirt and grime with a professional carpet cleaner. Call today to schedule an appointment with a carpet cleaning company you trust

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