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Tile Maintenance – How to Keep Your Tile Clean in 2018

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When did your tile get so dirty?

Many homeowners choose tile for their homes because of its aesthetics along with its affinity for easy cleaning and durability. But even with the ease of maintenance and water-resistance, tile and grout floors tend to hold onto more dirt than you might expect.

What does it take to keep your floors looking new?

Not as much as you think:

Follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your tile floors.

Routine Cleaning

There are a few basic tile maintenance steps that every homeowner should stick to.

Just a little bit of upkeep can go a long way:

First and foremost, floors should be swept and vacuumed at least once every week to remove any dust and debris before it starts to build up and get out of hand. It’s also important to mop hard surfaces like tile to decrease the wear that can happen from abrasive grit and dirt.

Always ensure that you rinse the area thoroughly after using soaps and detergents and dry with a towel or fresh mop after cleaning with water solutions. This will stop soap scum from attracting dirt and soil, and will keep your floors looking fresh longer.

As long as you’re doing what you can to keep the dirt at bay, you’ll need to deep clean far less often.

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Cleaning Glazed Tile vs. Un-glazed Tile

Grout cleaning tile cleaning

According to the IICRC, knowing your type of hard flooring is key to preventing unwanted damage and accidents.

If you have glazed tile in your home, the cleaning techniques you use will be different from un-glazed tile.

If your tile is glazed, you want to clean it with a light detergent and water solution that is not oil-based. It is extremely important to be careful and rinse it completely to ensure you aren’t left with soap residue (left over soap scum will attract dirt and cause dirtier tile quicker).

With un-glazed tile it’s recommended to not use any acidic or alkaline cleaners, as it could damage the floors.

If you aren’t quite sure what type of tile you have in your home, check out our article about how to identify different types of tile.

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Avoiding Tile Damage

Have you ever witnessed how easily most flooring can be damaged?

Let’s do our best to steer clear of any harm:

When deciding what cleaning products to use, avoid any cleaning chemicals like bleach or ammonia. If you have un-glazed tile, you’ll also want to stay away from colored cleaning solutions. These things can permanently discolor your tile.

If you’re trying to deep clean, never use steel wool or hard brushes that can scratch your floors and damage the glaze or sealant as well. Soft rags and toothbrushes are a safer alternative.

Using the wrong cleaning techniques on your tile floors could potentially lead extreme damage. It just isn’t worth it.

Sealing the grout is the best way to maintain cleaner looking tile and avoid discoloration or dirt build up. Grout sealant places a protective barrier over any porous areas and makes for a safer, cleaner living environment.

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Professional Tile Maintenance and CleanersProfessional Tile Cleaning Tucson Phoenix Close Up Shot

Why would anyone risk damaging their floor when they could just call southern Arizona’s best tile and grout cleaning company? The benefits of cleaning your floors outweigh everything else.

Each type of tile has a different cleaning method, and doing it wrong could cause serious damage like scratches, broken tiles, bleaching or discolored stains.

The good news is our cleaning process is quick and painless. Our professional Tile Maintenance and Cleaning technicians can do the job right so you get brighter tile and cleaner grout that will give you a new appreciation for your flooring.

You can watch your tile change from dirty to clean right before your eyes. Call us today and ask about our Tucson tile cleaning deals. We’re in Phoenix and surrounding cities too!

Call 520-282-4444 if you are in Tucson Area or call 602-748-4448 if you are in the Phoenix Valley or Metro area, schedule an appointment online, or use our contact form to schedule with ease.

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