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Carpet Cleaning – Why Is It Important?

How Much Dirt Do You Think Your Carpets Can Hold?

Would you believe that most carpet can hold up to four times its weight in things like dust, pet hair, urine, dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria, mold, and many other types of allergens and substances that cling to the fibers.

How Dirty Are Your Carpets Really?Steamy Concepts Carpet Cleaning - Before & After Apartment Carpet


While vacuuming does a good job at picking up loose dust and dirt, you need to do more in the long run.

Carpet manufacturers recommend having your carpets cleaned professionally at least every 12 to 18 months to make sure all of the allergens and other bad things are removed from the carpet fibers.

Maybe you don’t think your carpets are that dirty, but you should check out these statistics and see if it sheds some light on just how dirty your carpets can be.

  • 75% of people wear their shoes in the house and on their carpet. This tracks in dirt from the outside and grinds it into the carpets, which is the main culprit of carpet wear. It’s easy to see the effect this can have on your carpet when you look at high traffic areas around doorways and furniture.
  • Studies show that your carpet could be up to 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat. Bacteria can live for up to four weeks in your carpet, turning your floors into a wall to wall breeding ground.
  • Vacuum air vents that blow air while running is one of the top five dirtiest places in your home. This means vacuuming is essential, but doesn’t remove deep-down dirt and bacteria.
  • 40% of people have never had their carpet professionally cleaned. This directly contributes to decreased air quality in the home and serious health issues.

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4 Major Advantages of Regular Carpet Maintenance

So what are the benefits of carpet cleaning? Keep reading to find out how important clean carpets really are.

1. That “Clean” Look

Have you ever witnessed less than clean carpets in a home or office?

You can easily tell when carpet cleaning is needed. Just like tile cleaning and maintenance, if you have a good vacuuming routine dust and debris is usually kept at bay.  However, a regular deep steam clean is the only cleaning method that successfully removes some of the tougher substances that build up in the fibers over time.

High traffic areas also take a beating from the wear and tear of constant compression due to foot traffic. If you clean these areas when they just begin to look soiled you can stop the dirt from spreading to the rest of the house. With clean, fresh carpets you will appreciate your clean home far more and be proud to show it off to your guests and visitors.

2. Carpet Cleaning Saves You Money

Do you remember how much you spent on your carpet? It’s a big investment.

When you clean your carpet on a regular basis, you’re contributing to the future condition of your carpet and protecting the money you spent on it. Think about it, wouldn’t you rather spend a little bit of money now to maintain your carpet than spend way too much money replacing all your carpet. Carpet cleaning services really help you out in this regard.

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3. Improves the Smellfresh spell carpet cleaning

Noses are sensitive, except when you’ve gone nose blind to the smells in your home or office. The problem is other people can still smell the dirty carpet. This is especially true for homes with pets or children who may contribute to unfortunate smells that cling to your carpet.

Steam cleaning is a great option if you want fresh smelling carpet. Research indicates hot water extraction cleaning is best for all types of carpets. It leaves the least amount of residue and therefore will provide the lowest amount of re-soiling.

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4. Maintaining a Safe Home

It’s probably safe to bet that you would rather stay away from things that unnecessarily harm your health.

Do you really want allergens and bacteria spreading around your home and using your carpet as a breeding ground?

For those that are extremely susceptible to indoor allergies, dirty carpet can stir up all kinds of crazy health problems. You should regularly clean your carpets to avoid dust, allergens, mold spores, etc. because even healthy people can start to see the effects of dirty carpets if they’re filthy enough.

Routine carpet cleaning can prevent this from happening. Additionally, clean carpets contribute to a healthy indoor environment by filtering out airborne particles. Don’t let these nasty pests and pollutants affect your life. Regular carpet cleaning is essential for a healthy living space.

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Call for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Despite your best efforts, if you haven’t had your carpets professionally steam cleaned recently you can be sure that stains, dirt, and grime have been accumulating. Failure to maintain proper care will result in premature wear.

Every one of our professionally trained technicians has years of skill and experience deep cleaning dirty, heavily trafficked carpet to supply you with an unparalleled, refreshing clean. We strive for excellence and the highest level of customer satisfaction with every home or office that our carpet cleaning specialists visit. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and provide essential advice about our steam cleaning process. Give us a call today and ask about our carpet cleaning deals.

Call 520-282-4444 if you are in the Tucson Area or call 602-748-4448 if you are in the Phoenix Valley or Metro area, schedule an appointment online, or use our contact form to schedule with ease.


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