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Carpet Cleaning in Green Valley, AZ

“At Steamy Concepts, we provide the best carpet cleaning service to Green Valley residents. We understand that a clean carpet makes a clean home.”

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Green Valley Carpet Cleaning uses the same state-of-the art truck mounted equipment and cleaners that we use in Tucson locations to provide our customers with the best Green Valley carpet cleaning service possible. We use specially formulated deodorizers and pet treatments that will ensure the longevity of your carpets. Our professional uniformed technicians are trained on how to use these cleaners along with the steamer to ensure your home or business in Green Valley is clean and sanitary.

We provide emergency service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can reach any of our knowledgeable scheduling staff to book an appointment by calling us 24/7, at (520) 282-4444, using our online chat feature below, or using our contact form. We want you too to be one of our satisfied carpet cleaning customers in Green Valley.

The Best Cleaning in Green Valley

Carpets reflect on your family or business, so would you risk your reputation with friends, family, or clients by having a dirty or shabby looking carpet? A dirty carpet can also be a health risk to your guests by exacerbating respiratory problems like allergies, asthma, and COPD. Not only does carpet host dirt and dust, but also dust mites, bacteria, and fungi. YUCK!

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Green Valley, AZ

Keeping new carpets clean is just as important, if not more so! Most carpet manufacturers’ warranties require twice a year carpet cleaning. To illustrate the importance, you wouldn’t wait until your clothes were visibly dirty until you washed them. So, you shouldn’t wait until your carpets become visibly dirty to clean them. Even new carpets because the sharp corner and edges of the dirt particles, even ones you can’t see, break the fibers of the carpet as the movement of your feet cause them to move around. Also dust mites, again the ones you can’t see, need food. Guess what they eat? Carpet!

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When we come to clean your carpet, first we apply all necessary cleaning solutions and/or solvents to loosen dirt and oil. At this stage we would also add any additional products that may be necessary to remove particularly difficult stains. Next we rinse and extract all of the cleaning solutions, dirt, and contaminants in one carpet cleaning. The temperature that the process is done at, 180-200 degrees, kills any microorganisms, insects, and disinfects where their waste inside your carpet. The process also extracts these items through our two-inch vacuum hose and deposits them in a waste tank mounted inside our vehicle. We may also then groom the carpet, if needed, which leaves a beautifully clean finish. This finish keeps your carpet in great condition for many years to come. If you need a Green Valley carpet cleaning or have any questions, call (520) 282-4444 or use our contact form!

Green Valley Carpet Cleaning and stairs before service.


Green Valley Carpet Cleaning and stairs after service.