What Is the Best Red Stain Removal Method?

Red Stain Removal From Carpet


The worst thing that could ever happen to your carpet! It’s a hot summer day, and you decide to serve your children Cherry Kool-Aid. Goofing around, horse play, running, and before you know it there’s red Kool-Aid all over your carpet! “Oh, great how do I get this out now,” is usually the first panicked thought that runs through your mind. There are actually many scenarios including blood, red wine, or any red liquid that cause panic to set in for a homeowner with carpet.


There are many different home remedies for red carpet stain removal. Like hydrogen peroxide, alkaline water, club soda, ammonia, and even WD-40. If you have tried these remedies, you’re probably ripping your hair out right now because they won’t work! You probably have a large pink stain in your carpet now where there used to me a much smaller red one. Or worse you’ve harmed yourself in some way with a combination of chemicals that shouldn’t be combined.


These home remedies are a bad idea and will either make the stain worse, be harmful to your carpet, or harmful to you. Regardless of the scenario, if you need Kool-Aid stain removal, red wine stain removal, or really any red stain removal from your carpet, call a professional first! We have the right carpet cleaning products and techniques for red stain removal. These chemicals are not harmful to you or your carpet, and in most cases are even environmentally friendly.

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