Tucson Carpet Cleaning Service

“At Steamy Concepts, we provide the best Tucson carpet cleaning service in the city, and we understand the importance of a clean carpet and home.”


A stained carpet in Tucson for Steamy Concepts to clean.


This is the ” after “ shot of the same stained carpet in Tucson that was cleaned by Steamy Concepts.



That’s why we use state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment and cleaners to provide you with the best carpet cleaning service possible. Our high-tech steam cleaning will provide you with superbly clean carpet, tile and grout, upholstery, and air ducts. Our specially formulated degreasers, fabric protectors, grout sealers, deodorizers, and pet treatments will ensure the longevity of your flooring surfaces. With all of these tools at their disposal, our uniformed, professional technicians will make your home or business clean and sanitary.

Carpet cleaning is especially important for new carpets, as most carpet manufacturers’ warranties require carpet cleaning twice a year, or sooner as needed. You wouldn’t wait several days until your clothes become visibly dirty before you wash them, and you shouldn’t wait several years until your carpets become visibly dirty before you clean them. Our steam cleaning process leaves your carpets truly clean.

First we apply all necessary cleaning solutions and/or solvents to loosen typically present dirt and oil, as well as any special cleaning products necessary for difficult or stubborn stains. We then rinse and extract all of our cleaning solutions and the contaminants in one sweep. This process is done at 180-200 degrees, which kills any microorganisms, insects, and their waste which may be in your carpet, and extracts them through our two-inch vacuum hose into a waste tank mounted inside each of our vehicles. If needed, we then groom the carpet, which leaves it with a beautiful finish, keeping your carpet in good condition for years to come. We also have many other services, such as tile and grout maintenance, and carpet repair. If you have any questions about these, please feel free to call us anytime! If you have any questions about Tucson carpet cleaning services please contact us at 1-888-783-2692 or use our website Contact Form and we will reach back out to you as soon as possible.