Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Tucson Mold Removal

Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Before Mold Removal

During Mold Removal in Tucson

During Mold Removal

Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration

Steamy Concepts doesn’t just boast to be the best mold removal companies in Tucson. Our IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified protocols guarantee that we are and that we will provide a complete mold removal. For mold removal, first we put the area in containments with plastic sheeting to stop any airborne mold spores from spreading and infecting other areas. Then we create a negative pressure area inside the contaminated, pass all air through air scrubbers, and remove any airborne mold spores or pathogens from the air. Next we remove all contaminated porous materials that cannot be salvaged or thoroughly cleaned, but try to salvage as many building materials we can. We accomplish this by sanding, cleaning, disinfecting, and sealing any contaminated framing, brickwork, flooring, or any other unremovable items. Mold removal is a process. And to finish things off, we HEVA-Vac the area, apply anti-microbial to all the surfaces within the containment area. Lastly we call in a third-party indoor environmental professional to inspect and do lab testing to confirm that the mold removal is complete, and provide you with the reports.


Tucson Water Damage Restoration

Our water damage restoration in Tucson using high powered fans

During Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage restoration

Water Damage Restoration

Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration is our speciality! For example,our water damage restoration and remediation process can vary depending on the condition of the water. If the water is not clean, like a sewage spill or flood, then our the water damage restoration will be different than if the water is clean to begin with. If the water is from something like a sewage spill or flood, then our process might actually be very similar to our mold removal process. In either case you can be assured that our years of experience have perfected our process, and you can be assured that we strictly follow the IICRC guidelines. First step, regardless of the condition of the water, is to extract any standing water. Then we open up any wet cavities in the structure to allow for air drying to be effective. Then we use our high powered dehumidifiers to remove any humidity for the air, this step is essential to water damage restoration to help the moisture in and on materials to evaporate quickly. Then lastly we remove any building materials that are either stubborn or impossible to dry.


Tucson Smoke & Fire Damage Repair

Before Fire Damage Repair in Tucson

Before Fire Damage Restoration

Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration

After Fire Damage Restoration


Mold Removal, Smoke, Fire & Water Damage Restoration is a science of sorts and we specialize in all three areas. We have proper smoke, fire damage restoration equipment and expertise to ensure that all traces of smoke or soot staining is gone, and prepare the surfaces for painting. In smoke, fire damage restoration, lingering smoke which has worked its way into upholstery, carpet and building materials can cause serious respiratory irritation, we also thoroughly steam clean all carpet and upholstery to rid of trace elements and smells. Any structural damage, even that which can’t be seen by the naked eye, will be addressed, removed, and repaired. Once all smoke, fire damage has been repaired, replaced, or removed, the area will then be “thermal fogged” to remove all lingering smoke odors in the materials and structures reused.


Personal Property

With any of our removal, repair, and restoration services, we also offer content evaluation, packing, moving, and storage of contents while services are in process.