How do you actually clean my carpets?

Carpet Cleaning


So, you want to clean your carpet, but you have heard stories, good and bad, of refreshing carpets to looking new to carpets in worse shape than before the cleaner arrived. You are thinking, ”Will my carpet get ruined? Will it actually come clean?” After some research you come to us, Steamy Concepts. Let’s set some calm some of those fears you have and let you know how we actually clean your carpets.


Our first step is to apply all of the necessary cleaning products we need to loosen all of the dirt, oil, and gunk that is in your carpet. If there are ANY stubborn stains we will apply additional special cleaning products to get those loosened up.


Next we rinse your carpet and vacuum up all of the cleaning products and grime that was imbedded in your carpet at the same time! The water that is used to rinse your carpet is between 180 degrees and 120 degrees so it can kill ANY microorganisms that might have been in your carpet, too.


Finally it is time to let your carpet dry. Drying usually takes from two to four to completely dry. Walking on your carpet before it is completely dry may result in new stains in your freshly cleaned carpet. We suggest staying off of your carpet until it is completely dry. Unfortunately there is no specific time frame.


And that’s it, simple and effective carpet cleaning.


Are there any questions you have about how we clean carpets that was not answered in this post? Please leave your question in the comment section below.


Carpet Cleaning is used for for beautification, and the removal  dirt and sand.  Clean carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more visually pleasing, and we can provide better carpet protection that can extend the life of your carpet. Which in turn will keep your office cleaner.

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